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Charactered leadership, driven by hope, for a return to traditional values

     The Prohibition Party is the oldest living third party in the United States. For over 150 years, the Prohibition Party has worked to advance social and political reforms aimed at protecting life, advancing public wellbeing, promoting good governance, and upholding ethical public service. The Prohibition Party has championed the cause of temperance and prohibitionism in American politics, as well as other causes, including women’s suffrage, civil rights, religious freedom, and environmental protection.


    Today, the Prohibition Party continues its work of promoting good governance and reforms aimed at protecting the lives and wellbeing of the American People. We advocate for recognizing alcohol and other harmful drugs as a social and public health problem, and addressing them through comprehensive policies that include education, prevention efforts, cessation programs, and laws restricting and prohibiting the commercial traffic of these substances. We also advocate on a variety of issues, ranging from the economy, to education, to public ethics, to foreign policy, and beyond. You can learn more about our party’s issues and positions by reading our Platform.


    The Prohibition Party and our members work to make a difference through a variety of activities, from speaking on public issues, to advocating on legislation, to running candidates for public office. If you are interest in making a positive difference in your community and your country, consider joining the Prohibition Party.


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     The Prohibition Party has run a presidential ticket in every election since 1872. Our 2020 presidential ticket was Phil Collins and Billy Joe Parker. You can read more about them here and can read about our performance in the 2020 election here. The party will nominate its 2024 ticket in the future.  


    Are you interested in running for local or state office? Consider running as a Prohibition Party candidate. If you are interested, you can contact the Prohibition Party at

If you would like to register as a member of the Prohibition Party, please fill out our registration form. God Bless America!


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