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Prohibition Party



We, the members of the Prohibition Party, assembled in convention this year in Buffalo, New York, supporting traditional values and with a firm reliance on the guidance of divine Providence, do hereby pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and to serve the needs of its citizens. We hereby affirm that all persons are created equal, endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As America's oldest continuously active "third party", since 1869 we are united in a common purpose - to protect the public welfare and to enhance the freedom and dignity of each individual. We are strong believers in personal responsibility, efficient regulation and leaner government, the separation of powers, and federalism. We hold that the rights of the people are sacrosanct. We love our country and are optimistic about our future.


We support regenerative farming practices that balance corporate and small-farm interests. Confined Animal Operations ("CAFOs") require the use of large amounts of preventative medicines, which diminish the effectiveness of these drugs against human illnesses. Humane animal husbandry should be incentivized through financial and regulatory support.

The widespread use of pesticides and the escape of GMO-modified genetic lines into the larger environment damage the balance of nature. The use of these materials should be minimized to reduce their environmental impact, while farmers who prioritize sustainable practices should be rewarded.

Food banks should be supported through programs which incentivize donations of fresh, healthy foods from local farms. By prioritizing regenerative farming practices and supporting small farms, our agricultural policy would create a more sustainable food system which promotes access to healthy food for all while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

We support programs to assist tobacco farmers in migrating to alternative crops.


In many states, overly burdensome ballot access laws make it difficult for minor parties and independent candidates to get on the ballot. In doing so they undermine the ability of voters to express their democratic will. States should move to establish fairer ballot access standards that provide minor parties and independent candidates a reasonable opportunity to get on the ballot.


Creating jobs and investing in our country’s critical infrastructure must be a federal priority. Economic development efforts should focus on the improvement of the economy as a whole. Under a balanced federal budget, investments should focus on the maintenance and improvement of transportation, energy, and public health services, as well as communication technology.


We believe that all students should have access to a sound, deep and broad education. States should work to ensure that all public schools are provided with adequate funding and support to meet the needs of their students. We support the right of families to choose the method for educating their children, and for programs that allow families to make choices for alternate schooling. We approve of the federal Department of Education setting minimum standards for education and advocate for stronger emphasis on science, technology, engineering, math, history, and languages. We advocate free community colleges with 4-year degree programs, as well as for vocational education. Student debt relief must be applied equally to all; including those who through personal responsibility have already repaid their original debts. We support programs to retrain displaced workers and those who become disabled. Educational curriculums should include informing our youth about the dangers of alcohol and drugs.


We recognize that pollution has an impact on our planet. We understand that abatement projects must balance costs with benefits. We support cooperation with other nations in mitigating the possible effects of climate change. We should strive for energy independence and will not surrender our sovereignty in making energy decisions. We advocate increased research into the development of non-fossil fuel resources, including tax breaks for companies and subsidies for consumers willing to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy.


We support stronger ethics and anti-corruption laws for elected and appointed government officials, improved transparency, protecting public research and regulatory agencies from improper influence, fostering greater citizen engagement, and promoting a spirit of ethical public service among public officials.


We abhor all forms of racism, discrimination, harassment, hatred, structural inequality, and violence directed at any group. We support a just and inclusive society with equal opportunities for all; including equal pay for equal work. We support equal recognition and opportunities for persons with disabilities.


We are strong believers in the Tenth Amendment; those powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. In a nation often divided by opinion, an adherence to federalism is more important than ever. Many issues are better regulated by state and local jurisdictions, rather than by a distant federal government.


We will conduct foreign affairs in a manner that fosters amicable relations among nations. We believe in using diplomacy to resolve international issues and we promote respect for the mutual sovereignty of nations. We recognize that healthy international trade has the potential to promote economic growth among nations. We support free and fair trade that is reciprocal and regulated.


Access to affordable, quality health care must be the right of every American. If this is achieved through a federal program, participation in such must remain an individual choice. The U.S. healthcare system should be a leader in innovation, and therefore we support further investment in medical research. No one who needs a medicine or treatment prescribed by a doctor should be denied such due to their personal financial limitations. We support the retention of both Medicare and Medicaid.


We commend the contributions of immigrants to our culture, economy, and national identity. We insist that immigration and naturalization be done through an orderly legal process, as defined by Congress. Protecting our borders is a duty to the citizens of the United States and must be sufficiently funded. Existing asylum laws rightly protect those facing persecution; however, asylum should only be granted to those arriving directly from a country where they are at risk. Refugees already present in a safe-haven country may apply for legal immigration to the United States at a U.S. Embassy in that country, but may not claim asylum simply by virtue of their physical presence in the USA or at the border.


We will defend the right of all workers to freely choose to organize, join, or not to join a labor union. Toward that end, we urge all states to adopt right-to-work laws. We endorse the concept of a living wage and reasonable family leave. No one (excepting public safety and medical personnel) should be forced to work on their personal Sabbath day.


We are strong supporters of our nation’s military and encourage investment in military technology and personnel. We honor the service and sacrifice of our military and their families, and support the DOD position of dedicating sufficient resources to services, policies, and programs to support the military, both during and after active duty.


We acknowledge that religious values have played a positive role in the founding of the United States. We support the constitutional right of individual citizens to believe, worship, associate, educate, evangelize, and organize religious institutions.


We recognize that the issues of abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia often divide this country. The SCOTUS has ruled that the states shall regulate access to abortion; as each state works to regulate this issue, we recognize that women must be included in the legislative process, and encourage states to look for constructive ways to address the issue. We believe that each woman should have the right to decide based on her own conscience.


We support the right of citizens to own and to carry firearms for personal defense and for sport. We believe that ownership of weapons of war, including assault rifles, should be tightly controlled. We applaud the efforts of private organizations to train Americans in the proper and safe use of firearms. We support stringent background checks for the purchase of any firearm.


Our Social Security system may not be perfect, but it does work and is in some cases the only source of income that retirees and disabled Americans have to rely upon. We advocate an actuarially sound federal Social Security system independent of any other program.


We are against increasing the number of justices serving on the Supreme Court. Despite the current appearance of politically motivated judicial decisions, the U.S. system of shared power among the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches has proven itself over time. We support the current Constitutional structure. Justices of the Supreme Court should be held to the same ethics rules as are all other federal judges.


The current U.S. tax code is far too complicated. We recognize the need for taxes to ensure the government’s ability to pay for infrastructure and services. The current tax structure needs to be reformed. We oppose both estate taxes and taxes on previously taxed wealth. We support a simplified tax code that requires corporations to pay their fair share. Taxes on alcohol should be increased, with the revenues being used for education and additional treatment.


The Twenty-Second Amendment stipulates term limits for the office of the President. We support the expansion of these term limits to both houses of Congress. Representing other citizens in Congress should be an honor, not a career. Enacting term limits will help to reduce the influence of special interest groups and provide a more accurate representation of the public in Congress.


Voting rights are fundamental to American democracy and must be equally available to all eligible voters. We also recognize that our nation struggles with the concept of what defines a fair election. To ensure that each would-be voter is in fact eligible to vote, we believe that voters in every state should be required to present a form of government-issued photo identification in order to receive their ballot and vote; either in person or absentee. The option to receive a free government voter ID card should be available to every qualified citizen.


The alcohol question is the Prohibition Party's unique, signature issue. We recognize that the use of alcohol and other recreational drugs is not only a personal, but a broader social issue. The individual, and their right to drink if they wish, is not the cause - rather, the cause is the underlying organized liquor traffic and the subordination of uniformed Americans for profit.

The Department of Health & Human Services reports nearly 10% of adult Americans suffered from substance abuse in the past year. This is a national health crisis. Beverage alcohol is America's #1 drug problem; a recent government study classified 62 million Americans as binge drinkers. Nearly 6% of Americans struggle with alcohol addiction. An estimated 140,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually. Alcohol is the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. The CDC estimates that the total economic cost of excess drinking to the U.S. economy exceeds $220 billion annually.

The use of tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the

USA; the CDC reports that cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths each year in our country. Vaping or e-cigarettes are also not safe because they contain nicotine and other chemicals.

The opioid crisis in the USA has reached new proportions. A recent study found that 10.1 million people misused opioids in the past year; the vast majority of them prescription pain relievers. According to the CDC, on average 128 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.

We oppose the use of recreational drugs in all forms; while recognizing and supporting legitimate medicinal use as regulated by the FDA and each individual’s own responsibility for temperance. We believe a sustained program of education, coupled with a ban on cannabis, vaping, and alcohol advertising, while enabling local option laws in those states which wish them, is the best way to encourage community disapproval of recreational drug use.

We oppose tobacco in all its forms, including vaping. Together with alcohol, tobacco and opiates are responsible for a significant percentage of America's public health care bill. We disapprove of government subsidies to the tobacco industry and would end business expense deductions for advertising tobacco, cannabis, and alcohol products.

We call for a ban on alcohol advertising, similar to the existing ban on tobacco advertising. This kind of ban has been proven to reduce consumption. This is especially true of alcohol advertising targeting our nation’s youth and vulnerable communities. We support increased controls on the licensing of alcohol and other recreational drug outlets.

We support an increase in the alcohol excise tax, which in the USA is far lower than in many other developed countries. Proceeds from the excise tax should be exclusively earmarked for education and addiction rehabilitation programs.


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