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Party Leadership and National Committee

Prohibition Party Executive Positions

Chairman: Phil Collins (Wisconsin)

Vice-Chairman: James Hedges (Pennsylvania)

Secretary: Jonathan Makeley (New York)

Treasurer: James Coleman (Ohio)

Executive Committee Members: Russel Hallock (New York), Ray Perkins Jr. (Maine)

Prohibition Party National Committee

Each state is able to have two committee members representing the state. The national committee has also designated some members as committee members at-large. 

Alabama: Jonh Killian

Georgia: Billy Joe Parker

Illinois: Richard D. Swift

Indiana: Rev. Dr. James W. Clifton

Maine: Ray Perkins Jr. 

Maryland: Raymond E. Edwards

New Jersey: Scott Baier

New York: Russel Hallock, Jonathan Makeley

Ohio: Brennan Baker, John Das

Pennsylvania: Barry Alfonso, James Hedges

Texas: James Mathison

Utah: Heather Dixon Wallwork

Virginia: James Dotson

Wisconsin: Phil Collins

At-Large: James Coleman, Randy McNutt

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